Welcome to Nelson’s Downtown

With an abundance of heritage buildings and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, Nelson has one of the most historically significant and active downtowns in western Canada.

Nelson downtown map
Urban Design Strategy downtown map

Located between Vernon Street and Victoria Street, Baker Street is the heart of the downtown district, noteworthy for its continuous retail and restaurant frontage, generous sidewalks and an increasing number of residential units. In addition, the downtown is host to regular car-free events throughout the warm-weather months, which create an animated and pedestrian-oriented zone for all to enjoy.

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What is an Urban Design Strategy?

An Urban Design Strategy is the City of Nelson's master plan for the public realm. It includes a comprehensive vision for the future, as well as focused strategies for key elements in the public realm such as signage, sidewalk patios, lighting, street furniture, bike parking, public art, landscaping and public amenities like electric vehicle charging stations and public washrooms.

Once completed, the plan will provide a visual toolkit for urban design strategies specific to Nelson – strategies that will reinforce the city's renowned character and provide direction for implementation over time.

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