Design Fest

Designing Minds

Over 60 stakeholders and members of the public participated in two City of Nelson ‘Design Fest’ Urban Design Strategy events earlier this month.

On Saturday, June 18, the City and MVH Urban Planning and Design hosted a community workshop. Participants explored six themes:

1) urban design elements in the downtown;
2) public amenity spaces;
3) parking;
4) lanes;
5) signs and wayfinding; and
6) community partnerships.

Comments focused on key issues including: enhancement of amenity areas to include green space and seating, no net loss of parking spaces, opportunities to utilize the lanes for bike routes and public art/murals, the need for wayfinding signage, and the idea of an adopt-a-block program for businesses.

The second event, held at the Capitol Theatre Monday, June 20, presented early ideas and an overview of the process to date, including some preliminary design concepts for Baker, Vernon and Victoria streets.